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Kate Thompson
I help organizations think user-first and act future-forward

Creative Strategist


You need more than a new website to compete in the digital age

We're living in an era where change is rapid and constant.

This insight—along with the realization that people want/need/buy something totally different than most organizations think they're selling (i.e. Florists don't sell flowers, they sell smiles/hugs)—drove me to shift my career from arts project management to marketing strategy.

I want to help others to understand the importance of being user-focused, service driven, creative, and flexible.

I'm fascinated by the way people think, see, learn, and make choices. When we know what matters to people (even if they themselves don't know), we can design with intention and contribute less junk to our already excessive world. 

So, what does your business need to succeed in our rapidly changing, hyperconnected world?

  • a better website?
  • a social media strategy?
  • a new product or service?
  • different customers?
  • a new business model?

Embracing a new way of thinking

Business guru Clay Christensen has said that businesses often create products and entire categories too focused on what companies want to sell, rather than on what customers actually need. It's time to shift mindsets from a solutions-focus to a customer-centric problem-focus, which resonates better with prospects and customers, making them more inclined to say "yes".

I improve audience engagement and business operations through customer-centric content and service design. 

Results include:

  • Attractive and entertaining customer experiences
  • Improved budget/time estimates
  • Increased participation by skeptics and advocates
  • Increased subscribers, members, followers
  • Reduced costs, hassle and work on spec
  • Simplification of complex concepts


I like to work with ambitious people

You are:

  • Open to new ideas

  • Interested in growing your business

  • Thinking you need a new website (or new ideas)

  • Excited by learning

  • Likely in a creative or fast moving industry

Let's talk

Please tell me what's on your mind. Thanks! 




Service Design 

If an organization isn't delivering excellent value to its customers, it's going to fail. Service design improves the quality of the interaction between the service provider (the organization) and its users (the customers).

I help organizations to strategically engage audiences through meaningful in-person and digital experiences.

  • Always thinking "user first"
  • Gaining a deep understanding of the user's true needs, behaviors and goals
  • Recommending design solutions based on user needs 
  • Designing and evaluating user engagement

Communications Strategy

I plan, design, write, edit, and facilitate all manners of user-focused communication and interactions, from marketing content to in-person experiences. 

  • Asking "why" often to align marketing goals with overall business goals
  • Defining quality standards and processes for content creation, maintenance and scalability

  • Defining the subject matter and types of content

  • Developing editorial schedule for content production and delivery

  • Determining delivery methods (how will people see and interact with content) i.e. website, landing pages, marketing automation, email marketing, social media, and in-person events

Content Creation

I design, create and edit towards a strong brand, cohesive voice and consistent content that speaks directly to the user.

  • Designing websites (I use Squarespace)
  • Copy writing, storytelling
  • Ghost-writing and co-writing with SMEs
  • Thought leadership

  • Crafting persuasive user-focused proposals, presentations, pitches

  • Developing compelling case studies 




A good manager gets projects done. A good leader gets transformative results. 

Creative Direction

I can lead the entire creative output of a team, ensuring value delivery to all sides.    


I clearly articulate complicated processes and can facilitate conversations between experts and non-experts.

Kate has got this innate ability to cut through the crap. She finds out what really matters and gets it on the right path, whether it’s a paragraph or an entire project. I trust her to get it right.
— Joe Schram, Principal of Sparktivity

About me



  • a polymath - I have a wide range of interests and knowledge

  • curious - I must know the "why" of everything

  • analytical -  I do what it takes to figure out the "why"  

  • deliberative - I take care in making decisions
  • responsible - I hold myself accountable
  • a learner - I'm driven to continuously gain new knowledge
  • challenging - I'm willing to point out problems or assumptions (vs facts), in the interest of getting things right

My interest in user-focused design began in visitor experience in a contemporary art museum. I took those skills to a digital solutions consulting firm who helped SMBs unravel the complexities of operating a business in the age of digital transformation. There, I helped to "break the curse of knowledge" for the experts, translating complicated information for prospects and clients. That firm closed in 2016. I'm currently an independent consultant who helps organizations plot their course. 

About you and me and everyone we know

I enjoy bouncing ideas around with others.

The beauty of human intelligence is our ability to synthesize knowledge and make connections between disparate ideas. It's what drives creativity and innovation.

I favor open environments that combine and expand upon the strengths of the individuals involved. Teams are more engaged when everyone participates and understands why decisions are made. 

I am here to guide, not to rule.