Kate Thompson
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Kate Thompson
I help organizations think user-first and act future-forward

Content Strategist


You need more than a new website to compete in the digital age

We're living in an era where change is rapid and constant.

This insight—along with the realization that people want/need/buy something totally different than most organizations think they're selling (i.e. Florists don't sell flowers, they sell smiles/hugs)—drove me to shift my career from arts project management to marketing strategy. I now help others to understand the importance of being user-focused, service driven, creative, and flexible.

I'm fascinated by the way people think, see, learn, and make choices. When we know what matters to people (even if they themselves don't know), we can design with intention and contribute less junk to our already excessive world. 

Embracing a new way of thinking

Business guru Clay Christensen has said that businesses often create products and entire categories too focused on what companies want to sell, rather than on what customers actually need. It's time to shift mindsets from a solutions-focus to a customer-centric problem-focus, which resonates better with prospects and customers, making them more inclined to say "yes".

I improve audience engagement and business operations through customer-centric content and service design.