Examples and Case Studies

Live examples of my work include this website and my blog posts. The website is always evolving. My posts (few now, hopefully more to come) demonstrate subject matter expertise and my understanding of how to write for the web.  

Content Examples

I've designed and created many public and client-facing materials, digital marketing and thought leadership including:

  • Key messages
  • Website and blog
  • Email marketing
  • One-sheets
  • Case studies
  • Articles
  • Webinars
  • Presentations


Key Messages and Story


Case study: Helping a charitable foundation tell their best story

The client: The Landon Korabek Foundation
Susan and Greg Korabek founded the OneLove JamFest as a way to cope with their grief after the accidental death by prescription drug overdose of their seventeen year old son, Landon. The festival celebrates Landon and his love of music while raising money to support a local narcotics awareness program and fund a youth music scholarship.

The work: The project began as an aesthetic and technological upgrade to replace the festival's six-year-old Wordpress site. During my discovery process, I got the know the client and realized there was much more to their organization than the festival.  They had become a fully-fledged charitable organization—the Landon Korabek Foundation—with a compelling story. I designed and built a Squarespace template-based website that feels uniquely them, speaks to their audience and helps accomplish their mission. 

This new story works better for a few reasons.

  • The mission—"what" they do—relates directly to their "why". Site visitors are likely looking for festival information (so the site must be easily navigable) but they support this organization because of the "why", not because they love music festivals. Susan and Greg's personal story of loss is powerful and elicits empathy from anyone, but particularly their target audience of parents and teens. 
  • People are wired to notice bad things more powerfully than positive. This story works because it starts with a negative idea: drug abuse. It is noticeable in a way that a happy message may be overlooked. I also created the brief vision statement Music Not Drugs for this reason. It's a sharable message that resonates with people. 
  • People are wired for comparison. The below chart explains. 

Before: Old Wordpress website

Old site to be replaced. 

Old site to be replaced. 

After: New Squarespace website

The new, mission-focused website for the Landon Korabek Foundation and their signature event, the OneLove JamFest.


Case study: Helping the experts at Sparktivity get out of their own heads and into their clients'

The client: Sparktivity
The work: My colleagues are Sparktivity were/are very bright individuals with much to offer their clients. Their expertise was complex. They were passionate about their work. While brilliant in understanding complexities, getting to the point could be cumbersome. I understood that our prospects and clients—time-strapped executives—needed more concise information that spoke to their problems, not to our solutions. I rewrote Sparktivity's key messages for the website, proposals, one-sheets, and other documents. 

Museum Exhibitions

It's difficult to explain the complexities of producing a large-scale art exhibition. Most of these shows started with a vague idea, a few people's names, and a deadline. I had to make that into what you see below (with a tragically low budget). 

Examples of Miscellaneous Content